Winter Elixir

I have been a little lax, eating way to many chocolate chip biscuits, drinking more than usual and of course not getting the sleep I should so it’s inevitable that a tickle in my throat should show me my body isn’t mad about the way it’s being treated!

A night of no sleep with a cold taking hold I vow I would be rid of it in 3 days! eek, that’s not long to nail something everyone has told me lingers for 2 weeks!

This is my morning tonic, the top 4 are a good base, the following can be added when you need ultra herb help 🙂

Manuka HoneyManuka Honey Super high potency 15+ or higher if you can. It’s full of natural pollens, enzymes and antibacterial properties to help support your immune system and fight off winter viruses

Lemon Rich in Vit C and flavanoids both useful when fighting the cold or flu virus. It also stimulates the liver, dissolves poisons such as Uric Acid (the nasty poison that gives people gout) and cleanses the digestive tract.

Turmeric – freshly grated. Improves digestion, strengthens immunity, decreases inflammation and adds gorgeous luster to the skin. Yes please 🙂

Ginger – freshly grated. Cleanses the blood, reducing toxicity and inflammation in the body. It’s also great for digestions as it stokes the fire in the belly.

If you are feeling super brave and need an extra kick you can add Garlic, almost too punchy for me but amazing.

Garlic strengthens the heart, improves digestion and boosts immunity

Cinnamon is a warming spice, good for circulation and rammed full of antioxidants, it also stabilised blood sugar levels so brilliant to have in the morning to keep you balanced.

I could keep going as there are so many wonderful herbs and spices but shall make Black Pepper the last über spice to add to your tonic.

Black Pepper is great for congestion as it liquifies mucous and helps to eliminate toxins.

With a cold or the flu we feel puffy and heavy, our hands get swollen and our eyes get droopy… Just writing it makes me frown!  This is all inflammation, in fact much of the bunged up feeling in our head is inflammation of the mucus membrane not just the snot!

But ultimately our immune issues starts in the belly which is why it’s so important to get that working properly. Many of the above spices help with digestion and the metabolic fire. When our digestion is good, not “normal” as the NHS would say but you feel comfy, not bloated and are evacuating AT LEAST once a day with ease then your body has a chance to fight the battles it needs to at this time of year.

Add warm, not boiling water and enjoy in the morning and all day long. Any excuse to lick the honey spoon 🙂