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Your 12 Step Guide to Complete Post Natal Recovery

Heal, Nourish, Empower, Strengthen 

This yoga course guides you safely through the intense early stages of the post natal period.It is a step by step guide, starting with gentle pelvic floor work you can implement just days after you have given birth, offering you 12 hours worth of sequences you can do to promote deep healing, regain your strength and feel vibrant again. It includes 6 hours of visualisations and relaxation to help you feel grounded and nourished and promote deep and restful sleep. 

You will have full access to the course for 18 months so you can take all the time you need to progress safely through the stages. 

Please don’t rush, you will know when you feel ready to shift up to the next level. We have all had our own journey through pregnancy and birth so listen to your body and your soul and enjoy this space of just being and gently gathering, physically and mentally. There is no race just a place of deep gratitude for what our bodies have born us and wow how much love we have for this precious gift.

One to one classes

Private online classes are a great way to tailor each class to your needs whilst being in the comfort & safety of your own home. I have worked with many of my private clients online and feedback is always positive. 

I guide you through the poses just as if I was in the room and am able to watch and give you guidance and adjustments vocally making sure you are getting the best out of your practice.

Online one to one sessions are available for my prana vinyasa flow classes as well as pregnancy and post natal yoga.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to try a free 40 min class.