Prana vinyasa yoga

My Prana Vinyasa Flow classes aim to create balance, strength and freedom of movement, guiding you to use breath as the foundation of the way you move. They are a weave of flowing postures, soulful music and deep relaxation.

Classes often evolve over a few weeks so I can work with my students to help deepen their practice by revisiting poses and sequences.

We explore evolutionary poses, using mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (yogic locks) and meditation, to enhance the effects of the practice.

Although we all move together in class, I encourage you to practice at your own pace, taking different options where appropriate, cultivating your inner wisdom and always listening to what you need.

Pregnancy yoga

Building on my own experience as a yogini Mama I offer a fluid, dynamic vinyasa practice that will leave you feeling stronger, more energised and increase your confidence in your evolving body.

A unique blend of Prana Vinyasa Yoga and Womb Yoga, my classes offer you the essential tools for birthing your baby:

  • Strong asana practice, to keep you grounded and powerful.
  • Deepening your awareness so you feel empowered to consciously birth your baby.
  • Healing breath practices for birth, calming and better sleep.
  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor in a safe, effective way. Also helping you recover more swiftly post birth.
  • Learn the power of letting go and deep relaxation.

These classes are also a way to create a community of like minded women at the same stage in life.

I also offer private one-to-one classes for women at any stage of their journey looking for specific post natal care.

Post natal yoga

I know from experience that these first few months are intense, powerful and extremely precious. Your yoga practice can be an invaluable tool to help guide you more smoothly through this time and beyond.

Classes are open to all mamas and their babies from 6 weeks old:

  • The practice is slow, gentle and deeply nourishing.
  • Focus is on healing, rejuvenation and rest.
  • You will learn to gently strengthen your body & re-engage your core and pelvic floor.
  • Help release areas of key pressure such as shoulders, upper chest and lower back that may be struggling as they are called to work overtime.
  • Share special bonding time with your babies, using sound and movement.
  • Use visualisations to help you heal and relax.

This wonderful safe place is also an opportunity to meet like minded mama’s, create a community of friends and share this incredible journey. Group classes are offered to women from 6 weeks post birth until their babies start to crawl.