You can do Yoga!

Simple steps to overcoming the initial challenges of Yoga.

1.   Start at the beginning
You maybe sporty and fit but yoga is complex and getting to know it and feel comfortable with it can take a few sessions. It is understandably disheartening to see the person next to you wrap their leg around their head when you still can’t detect your toes. Beginners gives you a chance to know the basics, start at your own pace, understand your body better and get to grips with the simple balances and sequences before you move on to more challenging things. Don’t be ashamed to start at the beginning

2.  Explore all the options
Finding the right class at the right time that’s not too far away can be a challenge. But there are many options to choose from. You can go to a studio for a group class, gather some friends in your own home or at work or even do one to one sessions. Find out what works so that you can have a regular practice and see real benefits in your body and life.

3.  Find the right teacher
For both your physical and mental evolution on your Yoga journey you need to find a teacher who will guide you in the right way. You may not know what you want from your practice but you will know if you feel great after class! Physically challenged as well as mentally stimulated. Find a teacher that pushes you to explore your practice and that you feel comfortable with.

4.  Find a style that suits you
There is yoga for everyone and finding a style that suits you is vital. You may like a slow relaxing class that is restorative or you may like something more dynamic and flowing that gets the heart rate up and the body moving. Each style has its challenges and you can even chop and change depending on how you feel. Never feel stuck. Yoga is about harmony and flow so enjoy exploring what works for you.

5.  Practice regularly
To do anything properly and really reap the rewards you have to be doing it regularly. Just as the other focuses in your life from work to relationships, Yoga requires a certain degree of commitment and dedication in order to fully appreciate the power of the practice. One day a week is a good start and already a huge commitment in our hectic lives but you may find yourself wanting more

6.  Stop trying to be “Perfect”

There is no perfect in Yoga, there is just you, your body and the way you move. It is your own Warrior 1 and nobody else’s shoulder stand. All our bodies and minds are different, responding and reacting to life and its hurdles in our own unique way. Striving for perfection will only lead to disappointment. Yoga teachers are there to guide you, keep you safe and share their knowledge. Helping you to understand that “Perfect” is a much bigger place than you thought.

7.  Don’t Let your Yoga Ego get in the way.
We all want to be amazing at everything we do, run faster, jump higher, bend further. But with yoga you have to know your limits and they can be quite humbling. You might never be able to do what the person next to you is doing, not in a million years, know that before you start and just go on your own journey. You are your bench mark, so shed your yoga ego and enjoy where you are today without being lazy 😉