Spiced pumpkin soup for breakfast please…….

I love having friends over and often forget how much. So this weekend in celebration of Halloween and in honour or my friend Santiago who was over from Mexico, I decided to have a Pumpkin Soup party.

For bites I oven baked some cashews in a little olive oil and spices, The most heavenly healthy nuts you’ve ever tasted.

Then we had Soup…………..

Everyone asked for the recipe so I promised to share it. It’s more ingredients than a recipe as I tend to be quite free style in the kitchen but here is a good guide:

2 medium Onions gently cooked in coconut oil
A dash of Braggs Amino acids (amazing healthy salt replacement made from essential amino acids, find it in any health food shop) and or salt and pepper
Add One medium/large pumpkin/butternut squash
4 cans of coconut milk, or Kara the lighter coconut milk used for drinking and cereals
Thai Green spices, garlic, green chilli, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, coriander
(You can also use a pure healthy ready made paste. I love Thai Taste which you can find in all good super markets.)
Taste and season, I love a bit of spice but you can also leave out entirely.

It fed about 12 people in cups not bowls, but with some left over that I had for breakfast with guacamole and oat cakes, before I went to rehearsals for a film and had to do Yoga moves in 4 inch metal heels! an usual Saturday

You are welcome for dinner any time, to cook or taste, share and enjoy.

Let me know how your soup tastes and any freestyling you got up to that could add to the Pumpkin soup experience x

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  1. oh yum, thanks so much for sharing. i've been lusting after it since your party on friday. i'm going to attempt making it now! x

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