2014…To give up or to take up

That is the question!

Do we give up something we love or take up doing good for humanity? Do we give up being lazy or take up being proactive?

What ever we choose for our new year’s resolution there is always a positive, so even giving up is taking up and something or someone will benefit from your commitment….It might be your lungs if you’ve given up smoking or your best friend if you’ve given up complaining 😉  if your new years dedication
feels like a hardship, don’t focus in on “you” and what you’re lacking but broaden your perception, widen your awareness and know that you are doing good.

I have given up sugar but what I have actually done is taken up better health, the ability to think clearly and looking 10 years younger!! In my weaker moments I feel I am denying myself a great love, as a self certified Chocolate Addict I feel abused and abandoned as if I am being punished; but in my sane moments I know I can’t allow an entire bar of Amelia Rope’s Rose Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate in it’s divine pink foil and brown wrapping to get the better of me and I am in fact making conscious choices, rewarding myself and honouring my wellbeing.

So when you waver and that glass of wine is calling you, just take a few deep breaths and remember you are honouring yourself, your health and wellbeing.

We are still living for the moment, seizing opportunities as they come… just in a conscious, healing, healthy way.

Good health both mentally and physically brings great happiness 🙂 So don’t give up, I promise you, you will feel amazing!!