What is your Wild Abandonment?

What does Wild Abandonment mean to you? If you are a mother it could mean leaving your baby at the coat check while you dance the night away and if you are a gardener you have an image of your flowers ravaged by weeds. At first glance it can seem like a negative, something frivolous, to be ashamed of but really the image that is conjures is one of release, freedom and total nakedness!

As I walked bare foot in the park today I told my friend Siobhan that I was obsessed with wild abandonment, a sense of exploring with no limits, loving with no shame and experiencing a life that stimulates all your senses.  It is I added “quite an intense way of living” leaving few moments when the mind is happy with what is and a feeling of always wanting more.

Over the past few year I have become aware of my thrill-seeking tendency and made my 2013 mid-year resolution – “to be present in every moment” because otherwise I am always somewhere else!

I spent much of this year “about to go…” or “…just back” and it consumed my life. Everything squeezed into three week blocks. So in an attempt at not being homesick for being away  I chose to spend the summer here, me myself and I, no escaping, just being, no bungee jumping, just being and it has been an interesting journey to the wild abandonment within.

My yoga life teaches me to be present, to breath and be present, to move and be present. Mindfulness, awareness and connection are words I use to guide people to a sense of stillness and ease. And there is something so beautiful about not having a need for anything other than what is, to be content with the here and now.

I will never loose my thirst for adventure and why would I want to?! but it is essential to find a sense of wild abandonment in our every day life. In the freedom we give ourselves, the choices we make, the friendships we keep, our teaching and our passions. We don’t need to be climbing a mountain or tight rope walking to feel that sense of adventure, we just need to be present and true.

Wild: Not tamed or domesticated
Abandonment: to yield (oneself) without restraint or moderation; give (oneself) over to natural impulses usually without self control.

In Short…Get naked, mind body and soul.



  1. Hi Laurella, I'm a friend of Siobhain's who pointed me in the direction of your blog and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your latest post. Best wishes, Rebecca

  2. Beautifully written and explained with true abandonedment! Inspired as we all should be, to walk through life barefoot x

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