Feeling fabulous

It has been 7 days since I embarked on what seemed like an epic journey but it has been easy and enjoyable, so much so I am considering keeping it going for a little longer, mad as it may seem. But I have learnt some invaluable lessons, not just that life doesn’t revolve around sweets but that we really need very little food to sustain ourselves and that in some way less really is more.

In the Indian culture they believe in fasting and keeping your food intact low, not just because it is sometimes scarce but because it takes up a lot of your bodies energy that could be used for other things. If your body is digesting food for 6 hours a day it has limited time to heal, repair, cleanse, or even rest. Eating less or fasting for one day a week gives your body a break, some well earned down time, allowing you to feel the subtleties in life and not be weighed down by your gut.

I of course don’t mean you have to for go your roast lunch or pudding and never eat a 3 course meal again but just sometimes remember how over indulgent we can all be and  think about honouring our bodies rather than stuffing them full of things our brain is telling us it wants.

It is not starvation or continuously eating less than the daily recommended calories, just be conscious, grateful and appreciate the complexities of what our body is having to do when it uses food as fuel. That food is vital and delicious but we never over fill our cars, it would just be a waste.

All that said I am so looking forward to not being on “detox”. Luckily my rebellious streak hasn’t kicked in to convince me I need peanut butter and jam on white bread for breakfast even if I do love it on occasions, so I am hoping to make a smooth transition back to the real world and enjoy everything I eat with a new conscious calmness, chocolate brownies and all 😉