Surviving the mountains

The mountains can be challenging in many ways. Snow, ice, cold, skis and hard plastic boots but it seems that for me the social antics are much more painful than a tight boot. It’s the cheese, wine, steak and my biggest weakness chocolate, that seem to be what people talk of most of their return from the slopes. General over indulgence, but it seems in the alps it would be criminal to deny one’s self of such a feast.

Knowing these pitfalls I travel armed with an array of powders and potions to aid me through a week of hardcore skiing and epic indulgence.

Barley Grass – A powerful anti oxidant, helping keep my body alkaline despite the cheese and wine doing its worst.

Milk Thistle complex Tincture – To remind my Liver that I do care

Magnesium Ultra Muscle Ease – To help my muscles relax and restore after a long day climbing and skiing. Oh and magnesium is great for bowel movement too!

Digestive enzymes – to give my gut help when meeting things it didn’t even know existed! Biocare do a good all round one and a small pot for gluten allergy suffers too

Probiotics – Udo’s high potency- An army of friendly bacteria to boost my immune system and help keep damage to a minimum.

I have been trying hard to think which ones are essential and which I could leave behind but I am not sure I can choose. If I didn’t love my food so much and was like a normal girl who ate 2 eggs for breakfast instead of one and wasn’t tempted by the bread basket then I think Barley grass does the best all round job to keep you strong and the Probiotics serve as a life long friend not just in an emergency.

Ski hard, play hard. It really is the best holiday!

Please let me know if you want any more information on the potions above or if you have a miracle worker of your own you’d like to share. x