Ancient super food of the Aztecs

I feel amazing, I can’t explain how satisfying it is to be healthy and enjoy it. I have done deep cleanses in the past that have left me feeling deprived and restricted and while this is obviously not a free for all, it allows me to live my life while being consciously healthy. There have been the odd headache but usually through lack of water and some hunger pangs but really only because I was eating an excessive amount before.

Today I felt good, light and fresh. I barely got hungry even at meal times and had no desire to eat anything nasty.

I had the most delicious breakfast of Chia seeds soaked in Almond milk with blueberries on the top.
Chia seeds are an amazing source of Omega 3 and anti oxidants as well as being high in Protein and a great source of fibre, making them good for the heart, mind and body. In the UK we are just discovering the wonders of the Chia seed that the Aztecs used as a superfood so long ago. You can sprinkle them on cereal, on your toast, in salads or soups and even in baking to add great nutrition to your cakes and biscuits. A good excuse to have a cheeky slice of banana cake, Sugar free of course.

Day 3 is said to be a turning point when you settle in the the healthier rhythm, with less desires for salt and sugar. Your system begins to re balance itself and find an alignment. Really enjoy this time of centering and grounding so you can access it when needed to or bring it into your life more permanently. xx