Persistence & Pot holes in my Preparation

It has been a busy week of Yoga training and teaching but my preparation has not gone too badly, there was a cheeky Green & Blacks Butterscotch chocolate slip on Thursday but it was delicious and I obviously needed the magnesium hit! I even shared it with my father on our way back from swimming who said it was the best thing he had eaten and was I sure he was allowed it! He has learnt so well!

Just eating supper early has made me sleep better and feel lighter, so I am hoping next week will not feel so dramatic. I have decided to have a little help from the Raw fairies! They are wonderful wizards that prepare healthy, balanced meals for however many days you need. No starvation, no hassle and NO nasties.

They have an array of options to help us on our way to a clear mind. A days worth of food consists of juices for breakfast and mid morning followed by a large salad for lunch and a salad and healthy vegan protein option for dinner. They even make delicious non brain fogging puddings for when the desire calls; sadly I won’t be implementing them this week 🙁

Non the less I am looking forward to an early rise, a grounding yoga practice to keep me stable and connected and a refreshing juice to start my week of treats. (Detox sounds scary and horrid so have decided to change my perception and call it a treat). You probably think I am crazy when I say I am genuinely excited at the prospects of a mind body cleanse to propel me in to spring, coming up a new, like a shiny white snow drop!!

Morning juices are an easy and great start to the day. I love a green juice. Think 2 Celery sticks, 1/2 cucumber, handful of spinach and parsley with an apple and a squeeze of lemon. But any green veg will work so feel free to doctor it to your taste. You will be surprised how delicious it is. If you can’t make it at home get your local health food store or juice bar to do it. Never be shy from going off piste, the delicious fruit ladened smoothies look great but don’t leave you feeling so holy.

So whether your week consists of an extra green juice a day, early suppers, no alcohol or you are saving it as a brilliant idea for later I will be supporting you in spirit and hope you have a good one. x

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  1. Sounds wonderful & inspiring…!! (Altho may have a wee problem with the 'early supper' part..!! 🙂

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