Cleanse with a Spring in your Step

It has been a long winter and some time since a chilly leafy green salad has seemed appealing. So after five plus months of stodge my body is actually craving a cleanse even if my mind thinks it’s craving chocolate. In fact for me this uncontrollable urge to eat  a huge bowl of pasta followed by a large apple pie shortly pursued by a latte and a praline truffle is a sure sign something has to change.

So before my insides slowly grind to a halt and my bottom permanently parks itself, I have in writing, by way of my diary, committed to doing a 7 day cleanse starting Monday. 5 raw days followed by 2 Just green veg Juice. My preparation usually entails me eating as much pastry in the week running up to D day so that I will be guaranteed to feel like death as I initiate the Detox. But I will endeavor to behave and have as of tomorrow decided to cut sugar and eat my dinner early. Nothing too traumatic. Not only does sugar cloud our brains it is lethal to the blood sugar and can play havoc with our health. The myth that we need Sugar for energy has been blown out of the water. There is an Incredible book called Sugar Blues by William Dufty that will alter the way you view sugar forever, bar the odd cocktail or dark chocolate of course!

For those of you who feel like you are wearing a winter coat you can’t take off why don’t you join me in some healthy days and start your Spring clean. From One day of fruit and veg, to 2 days Vegan or a week being veggie, what ever suits your lifestyle and helps you feel better. It should not be impossible and make you miserable, you should feel like you are honoring your body and respecting your life. I will post some recipes and ideas to help along the way so watch this space…


  1. I read sugar blues – great book. Not eaten sugar now for 9 weeks. It can be done. The first 3 weeks were hell though. Good luck.

    You should also check out Weston Price and his studies. It will really inspire you. He was a dentist that noticed all the 'savages' seemed to have perfect teeth, yet civilized nations were suffering from a dental crisis. (The still are). Anyhow, he deduced it was to do with diet. Youtube him 🙂

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