Wild Nettle Soup

I have seen a few posts about wild foraging so I thought I would share mine!

Nettles are packed full of health benefits, way too many for me to list without taking up too much of your time and space but the most relevant to us all are these:

-Stimulate the lymph system to boost immunity
-Help Support Adrenals
-Reduce inflammation in the body
-Supports the endocrine system by helping the thyroid, Spleen and Pancreas

I have tried a few nettle recipes but this is my favourite from Susan Jane White at The Extra Virgin Kitchen.

On asking my mother where the best place for nettles was she replied “Everywhere! On the drive, up the dairy, down by the cottages, Everywhere!” so I wasn’t short of picking spots. Armed with rubber gloves and a plastic bag I set off. The small tender nettles are the best, but they are also the stingiest, so watch your ankles!

You need:

Half a carrier bag of nettle leaves
1 leek
4 white onions
1 head of Garlic
2 litres Veg Stock
1 cup of frozen peas (optional)
Olive or coconut oil
Your best salt and Pepper

I wrapped the Garlic in Silver foil and put in the aga for 20 mins or until sguidgy, Your oven will need to be at about 180′

Sweat the leeks and Onions in a little oil until they look tender and translucent, add a little water if needed.

Wash the nettles well, remember to wear your rubber gloves, don’t get this far and forget they sting!

Place the nettles in the pan with the onions and leek and add the stock.

Add a little salt and pepper and then bring to the boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 5 mins

Add the peas if you are using them, they add delicious creaminess and will cook quickly as you prepare to blend your soup.

Once the soup is blended squeeze in your roasted garlic and stir it through.

This a brilliant soup as part of a spring clean or any time with a hunk of rye bread and some soft Pecorino

Please share your wild recipes with us 🙂