Bunny Marvelous

This Chocolate bunny is made with raw natural ingredients to ensure you enjoy your Cacao indulgence and aren’t left in a nasty food coma with a debilitating headache!

3 handful of almonds
1 handful of pecans
(nuts ideally soaked over night to germinate reducing calories and fat content and lighten the texture)
Desiccated coconut

Place in blender til ground to small pieces and put in a deep baking tray or suitable plastic container

1 small avocado
2 tbl Coconut butter
Dark Agave nectar to taste
2/3 tbl spoons Raw Cacao powder
Orange Blossom essence and Vanilla (optional)
Blend until creamy and tastes divine
Feel free to add more agave to sweeten or Cacao to intensify

Pour on top of base and place in fridge, or make into fun shape to keep yourself entertained!

Enjoy any time from breakfast to dinner with Blueberries and strawberries

Happy Easter 🙂