Life as a Goddess

Growing up in a dominant masculine family with 2 big brother’s and a rather Alpha Mother and Father it has to be said I always preferred the company of men. They are easier to understand, less complex, made me train harder on the athletics track and never compared the size of my bottom with theirs. The attractions are endless and although I am still a huge fan of male company, have finally discovered the divinity of the feminine.

Over the last few years I have gradually found my self surrounded by  passionate, like minded, caring women and am really enjoying it

It is said that the success of a man is down to the wife he chooses but the success of a woman is down to the female friends she surrounds herself with!

Like my mother I have never been very reliant on others for guidance, making decisions from within and rarely seeking other people’s opinion but sometimes it’s good to run ideas and feelings by someone who is less attached, someone who stands outside looking in with a clearer view. And the more we open the more the world opens.

As the masculine energy of the sun sets, so the feminine energy of the moon rises.

Women in communities throughout time have been there to support each other at every stage of their lives. From childhood to puberty, marriage, childbirth and old age it’s the feminine energy and non-judgmental understanding that helps us be confidant and strong in our choices and sense of self.. There is consistency in their love and devotion, the women you choose become your spiritual family and if we choose them wisely we can rely on them 100% There is great power to be drawn from knowing we are loved and cared for by our fellow goddesses.

I spent last weekend on a hen in Ibiza, which I can admit sounds debauched and messy but it could not have been further from it. We were a wide group of women from all over the world, coming together to celebrate the love we have for our girlfriend who was getting married. We united to show our support and solidarity. To let her know we would always be there to listen and guide, to understand and care. That as her chosen family we  would show unconditional love and loyalty.

Between the crazy fun games, delicious food, wine and shots of Snow Queen Organic Vodka we thought we would do a small ceremony to share our wishes for our divine friend. It was simple but poignant and the perfect vessel to send her into her future life.

The goddess energy is so strong and as The Beatles said. “You get by with a little help your friends”

Girls, call on one another, share and create a safe place in your lives for each of you to grow and unfurl.

Step into your Goddess, the feminine energy really is divine, tap into its endless source and let it feed you.

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