Knowing what you need

Life gets a rather crazy over Christmas and chances are things ran away with you a little! Then January hits and you vow to do your yoga practice twice a day and only eat green soup with gluten free crackers and never let sugar pass your lips again…. help! and by January 20th or maybe 15th or maybe even the 10th everything is hard work and all you want to do is eat cake and stay in bed.

I have always been all or nothing. Growing up I was either so committed, training for a big event, competing or chilling out being lazy and this way of being stuck with me for a while. I can tell you now that it does not work long term. You have to find a happy balanced place that nourishes you daily.

If doing a full practice daily is unrealistic then do a shorter practice and choose 3 days a week when you can enjoy the time and feel nurtured and fulfilled.

If sitting to meditate for an hour a day is never going to happen, do 10 mins or even 5 and stick with it.

Consistency is the key, it lets you relax, stop feeling bad about not doing it and actually enjoy the fruits of your spiritual practice.

If you know your practice time helps you to be the brightest light you can be then you need to schedule that in.

As February unfolds, workout what is important to you, what makes you happy, balanced and whole and find ways of incorporating it into your daily lives. These small commitments early in the year can really help us flourish in the months to come.

For me I know I need to…..

Move, either on my mat, dancing or in the park to keep connected to what I call The Source,

Share, either with friends or family, being part of a community with common passions and visions.

And I need space to sit and be Quiet. Stillness to reflect and feel is paramount to my well being.

Stillness by the ever-changing ocean

I know that for my life to feel well rounded and sumptuous I need to do all of these thing regularly. It is basic food for my soul and if I don’t get it then I am depriving myself of essential nutrition. Of course there are days when I can do some and not others but ultimately when I take the time to do those things I am at my most radiant. And at my most radiant I can serve my community in the best way, give back, create and guide.

The shorter on time you think you are the more you need to find the time to do things that make you happy….

I urge you to take the time to reconnect, know what is vital for your growth and happiness and take time to implement it, even in the tiniest of ways.

Let me know how it goes

All love

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  1. I really love what you have writing! Sometimes, I don’t even know what I need and when I keep looking up them, I’ll end up finding out nothing. It’s like if we put too much pressure on it, we find nothing. Sometime alone and relaxing, you suddenly know what you really need!

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