Garden yoga at Wild Fairmount

I welcome you to our private, quiet, beautiful Brixton garden to practice yoga under the canopy of our honey locust tree.

There is ample room to practice a healthy distance apart and feel safe in your own space. And if the weather turns we have some indoor space too.

Everyone is welcome! Booking is essential, and class numbers are currently limited to 6 people. Entrance is through the Garden gate between 14 & 16 Fairmount Road, SW2

The classes are fun, relaxed and a wonderful opportunity to practice outdoors and get grounded at this crazy time.

There is nothing like practicing outdoors, with the sounds of the birds and the rustle of the leaves. You will feed strong, grounded and connected to nature. A rare feat in the heart of the city.

My yoga page will give you more information about what to expect in each class, and you can find the schedule for current class offerings on the diary page. Please do get in touch if there are no classes at a time that suits you or if you have further questions.

Please bring your own yoga mat, and a long sleeved top and trousers you feel happy practicing in – in case it isn’t as warm as we want it to be, but also these are good for relaxation at the end.

Due to current circumstances I will not be able to provide any props (mats, blocks, bolsters, eye pillows) so please bring what ever you need with you.