Your body speaks…The food your body needs

The biggest problem is that over the next few weeks in the frantic social run up to Christmas, when we are tempted by continuous parties and indulgences, late nights and extended fun what we really need to be doing is staying healthy and resting so our bodies can build and restore. Now that I listen to my body I am craving warming, healing foods. I look at a cucumber and just “know” it’s wrong, even an avocado somedays just seems too damp. Why would you want to eat a cold wet vegetable when your body is trying to keep warm and dry.How do we still think that a salad is healthy when are bodies don’t “really” want it or worse still why are our minds so programmed that they convince our bodies that we do actually want it!
It’s time to begin to listen to the body, I promise you, it is speaking, even if you can’t hear it!!

Here is the first of my warming recipes to lead you healthily towards the winter solstice and beyond…

Buckwheat Pancake with Buffalo Mozzarella and Spinach

Cook the tomatoes under the grill
Sauté the courgettes in a little Braggs Amino Acids (or salt and pepper) and oil if needed
Add spinach at the end just so it’s wilted.

Buckwheat groats (If you like you can soak them over night which makes them a little easier to digest)
Any kind of milk you choose and a splash of water
Salt pepper maybe some rosemary or mixed herbs to season
Blend so it’s a runny batter , think crepe batter more than waffle mix

Cook in a little Olive or Coconut oil.

Once you turn the pancake add…….
Buffallo Mozzarella or sub with Sheep’s Feta
Spinkle with fresh herbs, I used Thai Basil
Tomatoes on top

Can be folded as a pancake or dressed like a Pizza 🙂