What is The Radiance Practice?

What is The Radiance Practice?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot! How do I answer this concisely so Women can understand it better & know what to expect when they join.

So this is my experience of it…………..

It is a journey, a space of unfolding that is joyous and liberating. Born out of years devoted to Yoga, Free Dance & Breath, it blends these beautiful modalities to offer you a unique experience that allows you to be truly you.

We practice with the power & exuberance of the Full Moon, flowing through gentle yoga, sacred rolling, shaking, free dance, breath work & relaxation. The arc of the practice is key, starting soft and slow in the Yoga and expanding in to full expression at the peak of the dance, then landing gently in the breath work, our bodies having been beautifully opened so the breath is gratefully received. And then finally on to the earth for the stillness & bliss of deep relaxation.

Each sequence is linked to the element of the Full moon, so we explore the groundedness of the Earth, the fluid power of the water, the driving flames of the Fire and the light expansiveness of the Air.

No talent is required, no knowledge needed, just a willingness to let go, connect deeply and have fun.

Each practice is tailored to a beautiful music scape, guiding us smoothly on The Radiance Practice Path.