Sara- The Radiance Practice

Laurella embodies a therapeutic presence and creates a safe space in her classes that invites me to move and breath the way I need to. I love the combination of Prana Vinyasa, shaking, dance & pranayama. There is freedom for a very feminine organic alignment.

Sarah- The Radiance Practice

What a relief to breath & dance & not think. Thank You!
The practice is like a suspension in time, without thoughts, just free wheeling in the moment with other lovely ladies as the sun was setting & the moon started to gleam. 

Mathilde- The Radiance Practice

It was was seriously great for me. I will definitely be doing it again. I’m not someone who frequently does this kind of thing but the is a MAGIC generated in the session that I can’t explain. I had to jump over the fence to the park and sit under the full moon directly after we finished!